About Pamela


Get to know Pamela

Pamela  loves to write spirituality books for all ages. She feels the heart and  soul’s completion on this earthly plane is our destiny.


Pamela  currently attends a University based in California and is studying psychology. She plans to earn her doctorate degree within a  few years and loves learning!

Pamela also attended a Paralegal program, prior to entering the psychology program, where she was offered membership into the Honors  Society. Pamela  also has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing and an  Associates Degree in Visual Communications and Design. In addition, she  has earned a Personal Training certification and a Nutrition  certification from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). 

Her favorite place is Whole Foods Market® and Bristol Farms® that offer the best and freshest foods, snacks, and have the nicest people working there on the planet!!!

Pamela’s  passion is learning about others’ experiences in life and how we all  overcome our personal challenges and obstacles. Pamela was divinely led  to write this book and it was the greatest honor and opportunity ever in  her life. 


Other Books Authored by Pamelarocks!!! Billions of Illusions- Book 1 and the Sequel

Billions  of Illusions also details Pamela’s own personal Spiritual Quest Her unique spiritual path was blessed and  enlightened when two unique individuals entered her world. 

One of the  individuals was powerful in the material world named August, the other  in the Spiritual world named Master Trang.

August is the Billion-dollar Heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune and became one of Pamela's greatest connections of true friendship.  

Master Trang, one of the most powerful  Spiritual beings Pamela has ever encountered on this planet, is a gifted  Qi Gong healer from the Orient. He performs supernatural powers of  healing, clairvoyance, and energy transformation to assist people to  higher levels of awareness and healing. His divine beliefs in the Power  of the Mind and the Universal Laws will remind you of the great power  that is within you.  

Billions of Illusions connects the Material  World with the Spiritual World offering unique perspectives that will  inspire you to question the World outside of you...


Pamelarocks authors children's books too!!! The Rainbow in the Jar & The Pond in the Spiritual Garden!!!

The Pond in the Spiritual Garden is about an amazing 11-year old named Candece that has special powers and gifts. Her adventures unfold as she stumbles across a magical garden one day after having a rough day at school.

Candece’s Adventures continue in the Spiritual Garden with the Magical Pond in this Book.  She learns to fly, finds a kangaroo with magical powers, and faces the Trolls of the darkness. Candece is an amazing 11-year old with unique gifts that only few are aware of.  She has a special mentor that visits her in her dreams to guide her along the way and keep her on the right path.

Rainbow in the Jar symbolizes the true power that we all have at any given moment, which is to give love.  Candece discovers for herself the power of love & that home is within the heart. And captures a few rainbows along the way....