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"Billions of Blessings on the Way!!"

Foreward by Jim Stovall, Author of "The Ultimate Gift"

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Gilad Janklowicz, my best friend and mentor for over 20 years, is the Guest Star on my show "Pamelarocks" in this episode. Enjoy!!!

Gilad produces the award-winning fitness show "Bodies in Motion" filmed on the oceans of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Quote by Gilad for "Billions of Blessings" by Pamelarocks

“I have known Pamela for more than 20 years and find her adventures as brought forth in her book heart-warming, entertaining, and inspiring!!!”

Gilad Janklowicz, Star and Producer of “Bodies in Motion” and world’s most popular award-winning fitness personality.

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Pamelarocks featured in MalibuTimes

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